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MavRealty emerged from the realization that the real estate industry, with an attrition rate of 87% within five years, was ripe for transformation. Our foundation is built on the belief that real estate agents deserve robust support for a thriving career. At MavRealty, our mission is simple: be the hero for our agents so they can be the hero for their clients, whether they're buying or selling homes.

Our story begins with the founders meeting during Army Basic and Advanced Medic Training in 2006. Their paths diverged but their bond remained strong. Fast forward to 12 years later, when Michael, after an honorable discharge, embarked on a non-profit venture and reached out to Kevin. This collaboration sparked a synergy that evolved into building MavRealty. It's not just about real estate transactions; it's about revolutionizing the industry for the better, ensuring our agents not only succeed but also lead fulfilling lives, all while being the champions for their clients.

Office: 232 Indian Rocks Rd. N Suite B

Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770

Call (727) 314-3942


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